Plus Size Swimsuit Loobook | Featuring Forever Plus

Year after year, without fail Forever 21 comes out with amazing plus size swimsuits.  Awesome swimsuits that fit so many body types and are even great for well endowed ladies like myself. For years every spring and summer I would search high and low to find swimsuit fitting my shape and every year I come up empty handed, until one day I randomly went into Forever 21 and saw they sold plus size swimwear and it's been history ever since.  I hope this post helps any of you ladies that may have had the same struggles or with a body shape similar as mine. Check out below my favorite suits that came out so far this season.  Also be sure to follow me on my blog for bi weekly plus size fashion goodies.  Do you want to see these suits in action click the link to see them in motion on my YouTube channel: and be sure to comment, like, and subscribe to my YouTube channel.  Let me know what suit is your fave in the comments below.

Swimsuit 1
Layered Bikini Top:

Swimsuit 2
Caged One Piece:

Swimsuit 3
Stripe Bikini Top:
Stripe Bikini Bottom:

Swimsuit 4
Textured Bikini Top:
Textured Bikini Bottom:

Swimsuit 5
Bralette Bikini Top:
Cage Bikini Bottom:

Bonus: Forever 21 Plus Lace Maxi Dress:


Unknown said...

You have so much confidence.Do your thing.

Anonymous said...

YES!!! You KILLED this shoot. LOVE to see all these suits that I've been browsing on a real woman!

Anonymous said...

YES!!! You KILLED this shoot. LOVE to see all these suits that I've been browsing on a real woman!

Enyalsihg said...

Hi, I have a question, what size do you recommend for a plus size xl or 1x with a 38B bra size?

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Anonymous said...

these plus size swimsuits dress looking so cool but sometime its hard to adjust the size.

Silpi said...

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