Plus Size Fashion Basics

Hello out there my name is Jerae and I'm a PSF (Plus Size Fashionista). One thing I know about being plus sized is it’s hard to find glamorous, fun, fashionable, and well fitting clothes, like the ones you see in the fashion magazines or on the runways. Keep in mind your size should never hold you back from being fab and fashionable. One thing a PSF should know is just because it’s in your size doesn't mean you should wear it. Some stores carry MuMu’s in my size but that doesn't mean I would wear it to work or on a hot date. Basically wear things that are flattering to your figure and makes you feel good. Make sure everything is smoothed out and fits well, well enough that when you bend over you don’t see your back or butt, and if you’re a true PSF, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Now I know it’s hard and frustrating sometime to dress yourself when you’re a PSF but that’s why I want to lend my help. Now just because your plus sized doesn't mean you can't look just as good as those chicks in magazines, or on the runways. Matter of fact you can look better because you have more to work with, you just have to do it a a different way. Now PSF shouldn't be afraid to wear bright colors or bold prints just like everyone else, just DON’T OVER DO IT. Everything is nice in moderation.  Also we PSF should not be afraid to show some leg every now and then, skirts or dresses that come to your knees or a little shorter are perfect for our shapes for ex: Asos curve midi length skirts and dress.
 Also keep in mind accessories are key. I will do a accessories post a little later. Since it is so hard sometimes for us PSF to find clothes, accessories can really help GLAM up an average outfit like jeans and a tee, and turn it in to a show stopper.

In the future I will be posting a lot of things like different outfits, fashion finds, plus size fashion info, fashion trends and etc.  So please join me and I hope my info is useful. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestion feel free to post.   Embrace you curves ladies

And this is me your blogger Jerae:

Dress: Asos Curve
Jacket: Forever 21 plus
Shoe: Dollhouse Kammy

PSF key fashion websites:

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