Las Vegas | Part 3 | Chic in the City

For our final night in Vegas we decided to go to The Boom Box, which is a small club inside The Marquee Nightclub which is a club inside of The Cosmopolitan Hotel ( it was like being in a Russian Nesting Doll......). For this night, decided to wear head to toe City Chic. The pants are the Jean Pick Me Up Sk which are a liquid type of pants with gold detail.  .The moto jacket which I love and also is available in Cobalt is the Jkt Mono Biker in white. Finally, the shirt it's the Cami Strappy Woven Blk unfortanlty it's sold out online but if you live next to a City Chic you should check it out they may have it.  I hope you all enjoyed my three part Vegas fashion adventure because I really had a fun time taking the pics and in Vegas in general .  Please check back next Sunday for a new blog post.

All items were purchased by me.


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