Curvyology 101: The Art of Acceptance

Just because your plus size doesn't mean you always have to be covered.  People can tell if you're plus size with a jacket on or off. So go ahead and embrace your body.  Years ago I would never have worn an outfit with my arms and legs exposed.  My legs would have been covered with thick black tights and my arms would have been covered with a blazer, even if it was the middle of summer...... In the south.  Not anymore, I embrace my entire body.  I realized fully accepting yourself and your body doesn't only mean certain parts of your body.  You have to get to a point were statements like  "I like my butt, but my thighs are to big" or "I love my face but it's to fat" don't exist  I hope these pictures of me embracing all of me helps someone out their do the same.  Like a wise plus size women once said  (that wise women is me LOL) "If you can't fix it in an hour don't stress over it"™.
City Chic Midi Aline Skirt:
City Chic Top: N/A
Shoes: GoJane:


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