Grecian Goddess Featuring City Chic Grecian Faux Leather Trim Keyhole Maxi Dress

Spring is in the air and maxi dresses are out.  Even though I’m a cold weather fashion girl, one thing I love about spring fashion is the maxi dresses.  Recently at work I came across this beautiful orange  dress by City Chic called the 'Grecian' Faux Leather Trim Keyhole Maxi Dress.  This is hand down my favorite maxi dress ever.  Reason being:
  1. The material is so lush and thick but breathable and soft at the same time.  It’s not like your usually thin cotton maxi dresses, it even has a lining.
  2. The color which is called “Zest” and it is so bold but yet pleasing to the eye.
  3. The keyhole detail in the front of the dress is great. You're still able to wear a full coverage bra, but show off just the right amount of cleavage to keep it sexy.
  4. The length is great for all my tall girls.  I ‘m 5’10 and it hits me right at my ankle.
 This City Chic Grecian Faux Leather Trim Keyhole Maxi Dress is now a staple in my spring wardrobe.  This dress is no longer available on but Nordstrom has it on their site just click here: 'Grecian' Faux Leather Trim Keyhole Maxi Dress


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