Curvyology 321 : Being Curvy and Healthy

Being curvy and embracing your curves is a beautiful thing.  Body embrace is major if you're rocking curves.  One of the BIGGEST, no pun intended misconception about plus size women is that we are lazy.  Where that idea came from I have no idea, but you can be plus size, healthy, and happy.  In my case I walk 30 minutes a day and I watch what I eat.  Not watch what I eat like I watch myself eat a double cheese burger and fries (which sounds amazing right now).  I watch what I eat to make sure I'm making healthy and nutritious choices like drinking plenty of water and eating lots of fruits and vegetables.  Now by all means that is not easy, but staying active and eating right the majority of the week can really help your overall health and well being.  So if you're gonna be more active you have to have the right attire.  Just because you're plus size and working out doesn't mean you have to wear over sized shirts and sweat pants. That look is so 1990's. Now days a lot of brands are coming out with fun and cute active wear for plus size women at affordable prices.  One of the most affordable brands I came across has been Danskin Now by Walmart.  Walmart is already known for having the lowest prices around and it's no different for their plus size active wear.  My favorite Danskin Now active Wear outfit so far has to be the Performance Convertible Stirrup Legging and the Flyaway Racerback Tank in the Prism Print.  This whole beautiful set comes up to $29.00.  It is truly the perfect outfit to work out in, but still feel cute.  Another part of becoming more active is the shoes you wear. I'm a Nike girl and right now the sneakers I'm loving both for the bright color and fit are the Nike Free Trainer 3.0 in Tubro Green/ White/ & Volt.  They are lightweight and comfortable great for a brisk walk, running, or some time on the treadmill.  If you have any questions on how I stay healthy and active.  Leave a comment below.

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