On The Beach In My Two Piece

So I finally made it to the beach.  I had to soak up some sun before boot and coat season officially arrives.  At the beach I wore my two piece Forever 21 Plus Boho Tropical Corset High Waisted Bikini.  This summer was really amazing for plus size swimwear and to me Forever 21 plus was leading the pack.  This bikini is gorgeous and has a unbelievable amount of support in the top.  Normally and unfortunately when I usually wear a bathing suit I have to wear a bra underneath for proper support...... Not this time.  The top held my size 44H (shhhhhh) girls up with no problem.  I'm so so so so so so so so so so so so glad I made this purchase and was able to show it off proudly at a beach full of people (SNAP).

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