The Birthday Girl

So on September 1, I turned 27 (insert wide eye emoji here) LOL. On my birthday the weather was perfect, the birds were chirping and I was woken up by the beautiful sounds of the ocean (well maybe not the chirping birds and oceans sounds but it was truly the best birthday ever).  I took advantage of the great weather and had dinner with my husband at a beautiful water front restaurant called C-Level.  For my birthday attire I opted for something grown and sexy.  Since around my birthday time my City Chic was having an amazing 50% off clearance sale (you know your girl loves a deal) and I was able to pick up this sexy black plump dress for $22.50 and originally it was priced at $109.00 it was a steal.  Over all my birthday was more then I ever expected my husband went above and beyond and made it a amazing day.  Check out my outfit and birthday pictures below.   

Me and The Hubby

Birthday Breakfast

The food was great.

Libations (My new favorite word)


Happy Birthday To Me