Torrid - Active Mini Lookbook

Contrary to popular belief, a lot of plus size women do work out.  Thanks to awesome brands like Torrid, we are long pass the days of wearing our fathers, husbands, or boyfriends t-shirts and sweat pants to go to the gym or take a quick jog.  We can now be stylish and fierce while working up a sweat.

Having great work out gear is really important for me.  I walk/run everyday during my lunch at work.  Therefore, stylish work out gear is a must for me because essentially it's my uniform.  When it comes to active wear style is very important, but fit is as well.  I struggled a lot with active wear that looked nice, but served no purpose when it came to the normal movements that takes place when you're working out.  I would have issues like, while running my leggings would continually fall down, when jumping rope my boobs would pop out, and my leggings would roll down when I would pick up a weight or do a squat.  You would think basic issues like those would be issues companies focus on to resolve, but they totally dropped the ball.

The ball stayed on the ground for a while until Torrid came and picked it up with their stylish active wear. With the help of their amazing design team, when Torrid picked up the ball off the ground their leggings stayed in place LOL.  I have to be honest Torrid active wear is the best I've ever had.  I can run, jump, skip, squat, stretch, etc.  and never have to continually adjust my clothes.  I love how Torrid understands the plus size frame and the struggles that we have from time to time.

I wanted you all to get a true idea how great Torrid active wear is so I made a Youtube video of me in action in their active wear.  Click the link to check out my video and I have pics below of me rocking Torrid active wear.

Try Torrid Active yourself.  Click The Link To Check It Out:

Look 1 

Torrid Active - Colorblock Sport Bra
Leggings - Sold Out 

Look 2

Torrid Active - Shadow Print Mesh Top

Look 3

Torrid Active - Mesh Insert Hoodie

Look 4

Torrid Active - Goal Digger Tank Top 


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noral.gail41 said...

Hey, your pattern leggings are looking fabulous. I love the colors in the leggings. I also bought Carbon38 workout clothes in last month. They have a huge collection of clothing for curvy women. I am truly very obsessed with their new collection.

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