Above Time Blogger Event

This past weekend I attended a private blogger event for a handmade hair tie, bow tie, and accessory company called Above Time.  The event was nothing short of amazing.  It was held at a quaint art gallery in downtown San Diego.  The event was filled with great people, music, prizes and food.  There was also a huge BONUS...... FREE VALET......  The whole night was perfectly organized,  while still allowing organic conversation to occur among the guest.

I really got to know the owner Carey and see what his company is all about, and where he see it going in the future.  Above Time will soon be offering gorgeous trendy, but timeless hand bags on their site. Also coming soon for you active types, stylish womens rash guards.

The Product:

At the event they had a beautiful display with all the ties they offer, so I was able to look them over and get a great idea of their work.  The ties are absolutely gorgeous, but still gives you the classic man vibe of a self tied tie.  I'm pretty familiar with bow ties since my husband is a bow tie fan. While looking them over I know exactly what to look for as far as shape and size, and Above Time truly hit the mark and beyond.  The quality is great, and I love their fabric selections. They do offer you classic color options, but they also have fun vibrant prints and color combinations that I really liked.  Also ladies the ties are unisex, and some ties are catering just to women.

The Owner and his Team:

Carey was AMAZING......  He was shaking heads and kissing babies LOL.  I love how he was there asking question, getting to know people, and even asking our options on his items.  So often the owners of company stay behind the scenes and you never really get to know them, so it was a great change of pace to see Carey being so involved at the event.  He had such a great vibe and it was really nice to meet him.  Carey's team was out of this world amazing. Checking in was a breeze, and through out the event we were even checked up on to make sure we were having a good time and seeing if we may have needed anything.  They really made the night fun once we received our raffle tickets, and you guessed it, I won me a pair of Michael Kors aviator sunglasses.  We also received the cutest swag backs at the end of the night.

Overall the event was outstanding.  I got to meet some amazing people and I was introduced to a company I know I will purchase from in the future.

Be sure to check out Above Time website and pick up a bow tie for your next event.

Special Thanks to Carey and Caroline for inviting me.

I WON!!!!!!

New Bag Collection Coming Soon......

Me & My New Vegas Friend

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