New Year Trying New Things

So with the new year here, I told myself I would try certain things fashion wise that I would normally never do.

Here are the two things I never normally do:

1.  I never wear my real hair out.  I normally have on a wig, my hair up in a bun, braids, or anything other than my natural hair.

2.  I never tuck my pants into ankle boots.  If they don't go over the knee my pants don't go in them.

So I went against the norm of what I'm use to this weekend and tired those two things.............. I'm so happy I did.  I loved it.  Fashion is all about having fun.  So I have no idea why I was limiting myself to certain things or thinking something wouldn't look good on me without trying it  Now that I thing about it, I think that's something we all do.  We rule something out before giving it a try, but like the old saying goes "You won't know if you don't try".  Tell me what you think about this look, and what things your'e going to be trying new this year??????

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