My Favorite Red Lip

Being a WOC it’s sometimes hard to find a red lip that works right out the box that doesnt require the use of a lip liner. A few years ago I actually found that lipstick and have been using it every season ever since.  It’s a rich, bold, deep red lipstick called LAX by a brand called Colourpop.  I know. I know, you’re only “suppose” to wear deep rich lipsticks in the Fall and Winter months, but who made that rule?  I believe you can wear (makeup or fashion wise) whatever looks good on you whenever you want.  I’m the type of person that when I find something I love I use it and I use it often, no matter the season or any unwritten rules.

Have you ever tried LAX?

What’s your favorite lip color?

Me rocking my favorite LIPPIE LAX

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Missymayification said...

Yasssss hunnie!! You look beautiful and very sexy in these shots. I love it! I just got into the beauty game so I don't really love a favourite colour. Just trying all really. :-)