7 Plus Size Bloggers Whose Style I'm Obsessed With

I love how people have their own sense of style.  Something that I like may not be your cup of tea and vice versa, but sometimes people have styles that everyone can't help but love.  These 7 people have just that.  I'm loving their style right now, and I'm sure you will too.

1. @Orginal_Mangu

Listen!  When I first saw MaNgu of Original_Mangu, I was taken a back.  Her style is breathing taking.  She styles everything together so perfectly, it seems like the pieces were made for just the looks she creates.  I actually can't see her pieces being styled any other way.  Everything she puts on just seems to looks like it cost a million dollars.  To top it all off, she has a BUZZ cut that is life.  Be sure to go follow her a on Instagram and get your mind blown.

2.  @Hentai.Hunny

I love me some hentai.hunny.  I just love how she's able to switch up her style so effortlessly.  One day she looks like a Gothic princess and the next day she looks like a sexy anime pin up. One common thread, no matter what she's wearing is she looks amazing with not a eyebrow hair out of place (Her makeup game is ridiculous) Be sure to check her and out and prepare to be jealous of her eyebrows.

3. @TheBigFashionGuy

There's nothing like a big guy that can dress, Trust me I have one of my own.  The Big Fashion Guy style is the definition of a classic man. Blazers, fedoras, loafers, prints, pocket squares, wingtip shoes. you name it.  If it's damper he owns it.  He's a all around  modern man.  He has style, cooks, sews a lot of his own clothes, and gushes over his woman (Big Guys are winning ladies, join the team).  Be sure to check out @thebigfashionguy and his stylish lady @iamplusblog

4. @JanelleLangford

I just found Janelle Langford's page literally a few days ago, and was like "Where have you been all my life?"  Her style is is is is ......... so me!!!! LOL. I literally could see myself in everything she has posted. Furs, feathers, skirts, and stilettos are just a small portion of the fashion punch you're getting when visiting Janelle's page.  Google style and grace and see her face.

5. @ClassyCurves

When I think of Germany I always think of a gray sky and cold days, that was until I saw Stefanie of Classy Curves.  She definitely brings the heat to Germany.  1. She has a body people pay for and 2. She has the style of a rich young debutante; Expensive, Classy, and Sexy.  Go ahead and spice up your life and check her out.

6.  @InMyJoi

In my Joi just gives my so much life and color.  Honestly even when she is wearing all black, some how her look still comes through as bright and JOYFUL (no prun intended)  Style is all about what you make it and she makes it look cool, effortless, and fierce.  Be sure to check  her out.  I bet you can pick a favorite look, because they're all amazing.

7. @Personalbravery

Personalbravery's name I think is also reflected in her style. She's BRAVE enough to wear what she wants and and show off her PERSONAL style.  I love how her style is a mixature of everything.  Some looks are funky, some are 90's inspired, some are vintage, and some are afrocentic.  Her style is the true definition of personal style.  Their is no one like Personal Bravery, and I mean that in the most stylish, unique, true to yourself way possible.  She is for sure going to be my style inspo for some looks in the future.  Be sure to check her out, you won't be disappointed.

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