The Curvyology Prom Recap

On April 29th 2017 with the help of body positive brands like J.C. Penney, Kurves By Kimi, and Plus Model Mag  I was able to bring to LA the first annual "Curvyology Prom".  It crazy how an idea, something you can’t touch or see can magnificent with hard work and detection to an EPIC night.


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Why A Prom?

I created The Curvyology Prom because over the years I’ve heard numerous horror stories from other plus size women about their prom experience.  Not being able to find a dress, not having a date, being made fun of at the prom, or just not wanting to go are just a few of the stories I’ve heard.  The mission for the Curvyology Prom is to give people that second chance. 

The Vibe At Prom…….

The Curvyology Prom was night of redemption for a lot of my fabulous girls and guys in attendance.  Guest had a chance to celebrate their bodies and who they are while being surrounded by likeminded people.  The prom took place at the LAM Gallery in Hollywood. Guest were welcomed with a red carpet and valet rope before being greeted by our amazing door person Michael with a corsage and raffle ticket for chance to win goodies provided by our sponsors and vendors throughout the night. With the help of DJ L Double E who has to be the hypest DJ in LA we had the prom jumping all night he was nonstop playing records that had  guest dancing all night. Along with that I had some special treats for the prom guest, a FREE wine bar with a signature drink named after our headlining sponsor J.C. Penney called the “Pretty Penney”, dessert table, photobooth, and a live artist drawing guest at the prom for them to take home to remember the night.  The love that was in the room was truly unbelievable.

Social Media Love…….

If you didn’t get a chance to attend the prom don’t frate, I’m taking this on the road.  The Curvyology Prom is a Prom Tour.  We could be in a city near you soon!

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