Hey, Babe Can I Borrow Your Shirt?

I love incorporating mens fashion into my looks.  Be it smoking loafers, oxfords, tuxedo jackets, or fedoras.  Mixing masculine and feminine is always a good combination.  In this look I paired a pair of fitted distressed jeans and floral print heels (for my feminine edge)  with a mens dress shirt that I grabbed out of my husbands closet (for my masculine flare).

I wore the mens shirt using a Instagram technique (that I'm sure has been around for years) I've seen a lot lately where you button just the bottom two or three bottoms pull it up to cover your chest, and allow it to fall over your shoulders.  I'm obsessed with this look.  Its soft but structured which to me makes this a well balanced look.

Mens Dress Shirt: Nautica Long Sleeve Mens Dress Shirt (similar)
Jeans: Fashion Nova Tough Luck Jean 2X
Shoes: Shoe Republic LA - Tustin Heels - Nude Size 10

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