Last Minute (In Store) Gifts For The Special Lady In Your Life!

So Christmas is Monday and you haven't finished your Christmas shopping. Online shopping is not an option anymore since there are only TWO business days remaining. Don’t panic I got your back with some must have in store items your special person will love. 1. Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint in Uncensored Not sure what elves Rihanna has working in the Fenty factory, but they were able to create a lip color that compliments all skin tones. Fenty is hands down the makeup brand of the year and has the most sought after beauty items of 2017. With Uncensored being the first lip product of the line, your special lady will be more then happy to find this item under the tree. Where to purchase: Sephora Price: $24.00

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2. Body & Earth Bath Bomb Gift Set Everybody loves to get pampered, and to do it in the comforts of your own home is even better. The Body & Earth Bath Bomb Gift Set is a 9 count bath bomb set that is only $9.88. This gift will make your special lady happy and keep your bank account happy too. Where to purchase: Walmart Price: $9.88
Body & Earth Bath Bomb Gift Set, 4 oz, 9 count

3. Bath & Body Works Candles Good smells are known to make people happy, so give the gift of a scent. Imagine being able to smell lemon zest, vanilla, pumpkin pecans waffles, and winter (whatever that smells like) whenever you want. Sounds good right? Where to purchase: Bath & Body Works Price: $15.50 - $24.50
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4. Cash Money Some people think cash isn't a thoughtful gift but they're WRONG. When giving someone cash for Christmas your giving them the gift of choice. Sometimes people don't feel comfortable answering the "What do you want for Christmas?" question so by giving them cash they can choose themselves. WARNING dont just put cash in the persons hand, I think that's where the thoughtlessness may come in . Put it in a hand written letter, card, or think of a creative way to give the cash. (Click this link for creative ideas to gift money) Where to purchase: YOUR BANK Price: Whatever you can afford

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I hope these gift ideas help put a smile on that special persons face. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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