Hip Hop Chic

Last Tuesday my husband and I went to The Migos concert.  This was our first concert together and we had the best time.   I decided to wear hip hop chic attire to the concert. To achieve a hip hop chic look I feel you have to wear something hard and masculine like a baseball jersey, leather top or boots and something soft and feminine like a skater shirt, a pair of tight fitting jeans, or a crop top. With accessories I suggest staying with gold tone like yellow or rose gold.  Your accessories don't have to be to literal to the hip hop culture like bamboo earring or large gold necklace with a Yeezus medallion, you can simply pair smaller gold accessories to your look or one major statement piece.  I choose to put my look together with a few of my favorite hard and soft City Chic items.  The top is the City Chic Pleather Insert Top aka The "Kayne West" shirt.  The jeans are City Chic Gray Acid Washer Jeans aka my "Yonce Jeans".  I completed the look with a pair of wide calf combat boots from Wet Seal and some small gold jewelry.

In this look the black top with the black crocodile skin panel in the front gives you a hard look but the asymmetrical black shirt adds some feminine flare. 

Rihanna made this look hip hop chic by wear a beanie, bomber jacket and a classic hip hop sneaker.  She keep it super sexy with a maxi shirt with a thigh hip split.

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