Fall Alert | 1 Jacket | 3 Ways

I'm so excited because Fall is among us.  Fall is my favorite season.  I have certain must have pieces in my wardrobe for Fall like midi dresses, sweaters, boots, trenches, and most important " Moto Jackets".  Moto jackets have to be one of the most versatile articles of clothing next to jeans, pants, skirts, and the classic button up.  Yes. in the past they were associate with biker gangs and Harley's, but in recent years they've evolved to an appropriate article of clothing for everyone.  To show the versatility of the moto jacket I put together three different looks for day, night, and work.

You also can check out the video I uploaded to my YouTube Channel featuring these looks by clicking this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJmMd9tV0oo And if you're not a subscriber to my YouTube channel be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for everything plus size fashion and beauty related.


Look 1 | Day

Look 2 | Date Night

Look 3 | Work

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