These Boots Were Made For Twirling....

Without fail every Fall I search for a pair of affordable over the knee boots that can fit over my knees, and usually every year I end up Googling "Custom Boot Makers In My Area".  This year the Boot Gods were working in my favor because my search wasn't long at all.  Googled plus size over the knee boots and a link for these beautiful suede boots from Target came up, I of course looked over them knowing their was no way in hell my legs would work in those boots.

Then after clicking every other link with no luck, I just decided to check out the Target boots, why not.  Then I started to read the reviews and saw a lot of people complaining that the boots were way to big around their calf and knee.  Then a light bulb went off, OMG THESE MIGHT WORK FOR ME.  So I went to my local Target and tried the boots on...................  Y'all they fit!  They fit like they were made for me.  I legit started dancing around Target with the boots on kicking like Mary J. Blige performing at The Bad Boy Reunion.  NO LIE my husband was looking at me like I was crazy.

I can't believe it.................  Finally my search is over.  A affordable, cute pair of over the knee boots are now in my closet.  Waiting for me to twirl in them again.

Suede Romper Forever 21
Suede Over The Knee Boots Target

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