"The Jean"

Now all women have a hard time trying to find the perfect pair of jeans, but to me it seems like us PSF's have an even harder time. I’ve spent so much time searching high and low to find the perfect jean. To be honest finding a good pair of jeans is like find a good man it takes time, patience, and trail and error. But when you find that perfect pair it's like winning the lottery. Now here are some tips when trying to find that perfect pair of jeans:
1. “Get Your Size” one thing we all need to keep in mind is something that’s too small actually makes you look larger then you really are.
2. If you’re a tall PSF buy jeans that say tall on them, high water jeans are a thing of the past.
3. Make sure when buying jeans not to get hip huggers or low riding jeans. When buying jeans try to buy jeans that come as high over your stomach as possible it make your shirts look more smoother and actually makes you look slimmer.
Now here’s a stereotype about us PSF’s that’s so ridiculous, PSF’s shouldn’t wear skinny leg jeans. Well I am here to say PSF’s look amazing in skinny jeans and we can work them just like the rest.
PS: if you find the perfect pair of jeans if they have more then one and you can, buy two or more pairs believe me it's a good investment.

Oh and I have found a couple of good jeans from Zanadi, Torrid and these other websites:

PSF jean websites:


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