Alright ladies now it’s time to get into each other draws. "Underwear Draws" really what did you think I was talking about. There are two good tips when it comes to us PSF's and our undergarment:
1. Make sure they fit. There is nothing more uncomfortable and unflattering than a loose fitting or to tight pair of underwear. If they're to tight it can mess up the whole fung shei of your outfit. If it is a poor fit or to loose it can be seen under your clothes, and we don’t want that.
2. You can experiment with your underwear. Dispute what a lot of people may think there is absolutely nothing wrong with a PSF wearing THONGS, if you want to and you feel good in it more power to you.
Just don’t stick with one type of underwear you have your bloomers, boy shorts, thongs, boxers, and the reliable granny panny LOL. Just make sure you match your type of underwear with what your wearing ex: thongs with curve hugging clothes and boy shorts with jeans or loose fitting dresses.
PS: to find your right size in underwear you may have to go though some trail and error, but it's all worth it for the perfect fit.

PSF underwear website:

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