To Heel or Not To Heel That Is The Question......

I love wearing heels they give you great posture and make your legs look long and lean, but wearing heels and being plus size or any size can be a pain, literally.  Here's some tips on how you can rock a heel or not and still look fierce and sexy.

1. Bring a pair of flats:  Whenever I wear heels I always make sure I carry a large enough clutch to fit a pair of flats in because you don't want to be that girl in the club with her heels in her hand and her feet on the dirty club ground.  They even have cool foldable flats that come with a matching carrying case/clutch. 

2. Platforms are your friend: I know platform heels can look a little intimidating but being plus size and wearing heels that's the best way to go if you plan on being on your feet for a while.  The platform on the heels acts like a shock absorber between your feet and the ground making the wear more comfortable.  My favorite pair of platform heels are Dollhouses "Kammy".  I was in my "Kammys" for 4 hours one night and still was able to walk normally without doing the OMG my feet hurt walk.

3. Flats are a great alternative:  Boring ballet flats are becoming a thing of the past.  Today in fashion they have fun, flirty, hip, flats that can be paired with anything.  They even have heels that come in a flat version.

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